Hirewriters.com: Making it easy to find writers

Hirewriters.com: Making it easy to find writers

Content is king when it comes to online marketing. Content can possibly make or break an entire business, which relies heavily on content. Finding a good quality article writing service is a challenge for some organizations, especially when the budget is tight. Hirewriters.com is a platform that connects writers with prospective clients. So any business that has content requirements can post their needs on Hirewriters.com.

Hirewriters.comProduct and Services

This site has actually become a number 1 destination for clients to hire writers for the completion of writing projects regardless of whether they are small, complex, big or simple. Besides article writing, other services include:

  • Proofreading
  • Blog posting
  • Ghost writing
  • Copy writing
  • Product listing and description
  • Article rewriting
  • Email swipe or auto response service creation

About Hirewriters.com

This site was launched in 2012. Writers who speak English are hired from different writing backgrounds, experience and writing styles. Some of the benefits associated with HireWriters.com include; clients get a twenty five percent bonus on their first deposit when they sign up, clients can get rewritten articles cheaply, professionally and quickly. Furthermore, clients can also get articles written on any topic by talented and qualified writers in a short time of three hours.

For writers, this site provides a detailed chart of their pricing and the writer is paid depending on his or her skills as well as the length of the article. For example, in case a beginner writer writes a one hundred and fifty to three hundred word, he or she will be paid one and half dollars. Meanwhile, a beginner writer who writes one thousand to two thousand words article will earn $6 per article. After a writer become an expert, he or she can earn $7 for a short article and $30 per article that is between 1000 to 2000 words.


Writers are paid via PayPal. To add on your normal article download, it is worth noting that, Hirewriters.com enables clients to download articles with spin tags which is basically a similar article with variation for certain phrases used in the entire article. This is mainly used to assist in increasing Search Engine Optimization positioning. This feature is given free of charge.

HireWriters.com is actually fully dedicated to ensure that it provides a great user experience. Client satisfaction is very crucial and the site believes that in case you are not fully satisfied with the quality, you are not obliged to pay for it at all.


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