Modern Technology: Big Benefits for Today’s Small Businesses

Modern Technology: Big Benefits for Today’s Small Businesses

Looking for ways to make your small business stand tall beside industry Big-wigs? look no further.

Being an owner of a small company can be frustrating at times, having to manage money, the constant calls and meetings, advertising, and not to mention the anxiety of delegating jobs.  At times it may seem overwhelming, and for a second you may doubt your abilities– but in this day and age where you can do anything from finding an apartment, to buying clothes online without ever getting out of your pajamas, there’s sure to be some ways to ease your stress.   Here are a couple things you can use to make modern technology work for your company.

With communication being a key aspect in a company it is important to have a phone-line customers and business partners can reach you at.  Constant long distance phone calls, regardless of a long distance plan, can be very expensive, especially for a small business.  Voice over Internet Protocol technology (or VoIP for short) can prove helpful in this area.  A ‘VoIP’ call is like a regular telephone call except it occurs via the internet instead of by telephone lines.  The service also has fax, and authorization codes, as well as everything a phone line has such as intercom calling and conferencing.  The ‘VoIP’ call is taking over business circles everywhere, and for a good reason—it saves an average of $50.00 a month!

As a small business owner you are introduced to new contacts, clients, and other pieces of information that you need to have access to at all times.  With Cloud networking having all of these elements on hand is just a click away!  The Cloud services allow you to update information on one computer and have it accessible on another, or even on a mobile device.  Today’s small businesses gives employee benefits as well; your employees can receive, as well as send, information to and from the main computers to their mobile phones.  Imagine pitching new business ideas wirelessly and instantly to all business PC’s and laptops.  Review how your new products are being designed instantaneously by viewing a picture from a device in your network.  Send all of your contacts from your phone to your computer instantly. The possibilities are endless, and just waiting to be explored.

puzzle conceptAdvertisement is a great way to promote your company, and with the internet growing exponentially why not take advantage of it?  Designing a functional website for your business is one of the best ways to promote your company and take advantage of this growing technology.   There are many website carriers that are available to create your website.  There are many that are free and some you have to pay for, and a majority have templates so messing with tricky ‘HTML’ codes isn’t necessary.  Things to remember when designing an awe-inspiring website are to keep it simple, easy to navigate, and to be sure to make your message, products, and purchasing information straight forward and easy to access.

As well as creating your own website, social media and networking can be a great tool to bring your business the attention it deserves.  Nearly everyone has heard of Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, in fact they are probably the first things you think of when someone says ‘social media & networking.’  As a business these websites can be very beneficial to advertizing your company and building its reputation.  Using groups and fan pages on Facebook can allow people to ‘like’ your product, create ‘Check-ins’ saying they’ve been to your store or business, and even write reviews.  Twitter can allow clients and consumers to follow your growth, and you can even award promotion codes and contests to avid ‘Tweeters.’  YouTube allows you to answer questions, have contests, or create witty videos to get the word out about your product all while being free, and giving a personal element through video.  There are also many social media websites for businesses, they allow you to meet and create contacts that can better your business.

In a world where technology is vast and ever-growing, it is important to take control of it, and make it work for you.  Technology is here to make things easier, and with the stress of being in charge of a business, it’s good to know you have tools—some at your fingertips, to help you relax.  These tools will not only stop you from pulling out your hair, but they will help your business grow, and gain a wider client base.


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