Brand Preferences and Printer Ink

Brand Preferences and Printer Ink

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People sometimes wonder if there is any difference in the quality of inks they put in their printers. Of course, these are the same people who insist on a specific brand name of cigarettes or shampoo. The truth is that everyone has preferences that are acquired. The real question is whether these are realistic value judgments or just the result of clever advertising campaigns. Every cigarette will give you the same things, a burst of nicotine and then cancer. Every shampoo will get the dust off your head. There is something more that is sought out of the experience, however.

Printer Ink CartridgesApart from the basics of just getting the job done, there is an often a hidden burst of additional value that really matters to a lot of people, particularly those who have grown to appreciate it through years of practical experimentation with the alternatives. Value, when it comes to printer ink, is about a lot more than just buying the cheapest available option that will fit into the little slot inside the machine.

The assurance that the ink cartridge in question is actually going to work is one factor that people eventually take into account. Everyone at some point has tried to save a little money on ink here and there, but they always come back to the one that lasts longer, yields consistent results, and does not leak all over the desk. It is this hidden value that makes smart shoppers turn to the brand that has that seemingly intangible “it” factor even though it costs a little more. Of course, those costs are not always as high as people believe by looking at the suggested retail price.

In the case of ink jet printers, off brand cartridges are usually reloads of one sort or another. This means the orifice that shoots out the ink is already worn out to a point that it is a larger diameter than factory standards anticipate. Even if it produces the same color match, which most likely is not the case, it will shoot a greater quantity of ink through the bigger hole and thus produce a smaller number of finished pages before it runs dry.

Off brand refills are also rarely seen in the economy-sized jumbo cartridges offered by the various OEM sources. While these units definitely cost more than the standard sized ones, they essentially offer twice the amount of ink for 1.5 times the price. This is the real bargain when it comes to printer ink.

For that matter, this represents the same sort of calculation that people make all the time once they settle on a product they like. They buy the money-saving family size container of their favorite rather than the money-saving regular size of a product that does not float their boat for whatever reason. When it comes time to get a new supply for an Epson printer, purchasing an original cartridge of reliable effective Epson ink is the only way to both save money and enjoy extra value.


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