Using Blog Carnivals to Boost Your Blog Traffic

Using Blog Carnivals to Boost Your Blog Traffic

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A well-written blog post can persuade a reader to do almost anything whether it’s trying a new hobby, joining a community or signing a petition. However, even the best writing can’t convert into a sale if no one reads it. There are a few great techniques for increasing visitors to your blog without spending any money. Blog carnivals draw together a community of different websites to benefit them all. Think of these special online events as issues of a magazine. A number of writers join together to contribute articles on a specific topic. Each contributor gets a link back to their website, increasing their traffic with little effort.

Components of a Blog Carnival

Carnivals are usually hosted by a single blog. The blog owner tends to act as the editor by checking submissions for quality and relevance.

CarnivalsEditors tend to run blog carnivals based around the main topic of their own website. Anyone can become a host and help out their fellow bloggers. The host also benefits from increased exposure if they ask their contributors to add a link on the day of the carnival. Companies and writers can find hosts willing to plan a carnival around virtually any topic. Niche blogs with a high amount of traffic could help boost your site’s visibility immensely. Well-organized events could boost readership of all participants for weeks or months at a time.

Making New Friends

Unlike other forms of marketing, blog carnivals have a social aspect to them. Editors and contributors have to work together to create an event that draws in readers and keeps them engaged. Many bloggers have formed lasting friendships after working together on one of these projects. Networking with people who share your interests or who specialize in the same industry can increase your chances for success in online marketing. The content provided by other participants is also a convenient source for inspiration. Sharing articles from other skilled authors also helps you to keep your own site updated more regularly.

Releasing New Issues

Blog carnivals share another important feature with periodicals like magazines. Most hosts choose to set up a regular schedule for new issues. A host may ask for submissions for a weekly roundup or create a carefully edited collection every three months. Not all carnivals are reoccurring, but sequential issues tend to have the biggest impact on visitor traffic. Visitors to the hosting website will come to expect a round of fresh content once they learn about the schedule of posting. Find a carnival to submit your writing to and start enjoying the benefits of free publicity.

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