Great Articles on Email Marketing

Great Articles on Email Marketing

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This is a round-up of some great articles on email marketing as part of our blog carnival.

Thomas Swanson’s blog post “Email Marketing: Still Killin It” gives a summary of why email marketing still remains one of the most consistently effective online marketing strategies even today.

Declan O Flaherty’s blog post The 4 Stages Of Email Marketing attempts to highlight the importance of building rapport and trust with your potential prospects. The 4 stages of email marketing are very important steps to be aware of if you want your list building campaign to be a success.

Steven Chang’s article “How to Build a Blog Announcement List With Google Feedburner” shows you how to build a list without an email marketing software like aweber.

Hunter Boyle’s article “Email + Video: A Dynamic Duo for Blockbuster List Growth” talks about how Viewbix lets you turn your videos into list-building tools by integrating email opt-ins, social sharing and calls to action within the video frame.

Anisha Sekhar’s article “4 Email Marketing No-Brainers” talks about ways to increase engagement through an email marketing campaign.

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